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Eagle in the Sand (Eagles of the Empire 7) (Eagle) -- Paperback / softback [Paperback]

They frustrated me. The best voices are of the non-Romans. Could have been set any time up to modern era … French Foreign Legion? The volumes between the narration and the dialogue vary quite a bit, so listening with head phones might be a problem.

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I want more Simon Scarrow! Stop messing about with the abridged versions and make available the unabridged! Another great Macro and Cato story! I really liked this adventure.

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  3. Extremists in Our Midst: Confronting Terror;
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  6. ISBN 13: 9780755350018.

Very exciting from the start to the finish! Narrator is incredible, and story is just as good as previous titles in the series. Loved the book. Narrator does great job of differentiating voices. Am rooting for Macro to find love.

The Eagle in the Sand (Eagle, #7) by Simon Scarrow

Love roman history. Interesting take on the eastern Empire dynamics.

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You will like this episode. Its depressing in its own philosophical way how the region described in this book has not changed nor have wanted to change from the period this book is suppose to take place to current events. Ok, no more cheese analogies Well worth the credit, although there are multiple things unresolved which is always upsetting, especially about characters u come to despise. Would you consider the audio edition of The Eagle in the Sand to be better than the print version?

It was very easy to pick up and hugely interesting set in a new province. Some well described skirmishes and an interesting insight into the period. A recommend! What other book might you compare The Eagle in the Sand to, and why? A change from the previous books gave Cato a much more grown voice sound reflecting his experience. Did you have an emotional reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? Laugh and got the heart rate going!

I said I wouldn't wait another year before I came back to this series and this time I have only resisted for a couple of months. It's great fun, action packed and the dynamic duo of Macro and Cato have a good chemistry between them. The machinations of Narcissus give a reasonable ish excuse to keep the pair together despite their relatively senior rank. This time they are thrown into the powder keg of post-messiah Judea and of course there is treachery from both without and within their own ranks. Macro continues to be part football hooligan and part charismatic leader with the more cerebral Macro providing an excellent foil to the older man's rather more unpredictable approach.

Scarrow touches new ground with his take on Christianity's early days which adds to the intrigue without ever becoming overly judgemental or allowing the action to falter. In terms of historical detail this does take the focus away from the legions themselves though. All in all another very enjoyable episode. The mispronounciation of the names of the main characters throughout the Eagle series of audiobooks ruins what are otherwise very good stories.

It would be almost tolerable to listen to the same mispronunciation except that there is no consistency and it varies from book to book. Another enjoyable Cato and Macro adventure. Narration still could be improved upon. Russel Boulder has a good clear speaking voice which is expressive and well paced. Bit strange hearing this with a bit of a Scouse twang but still a flipping good listen.

Clever immersing engaging thriller. Petra was made to come alive. The heat of the sun so true. Escaping their situations expected. Really good listen, captures the varied characters as always but nervous about going to Keeble. Well written, interesting and exciting. I love the characters and the scrapes they get into. It is good to have Macro and Cato sent to a different country than in earlier books.

However, the story disappointed me. It didn't seem to have the same pace as the earlier books. The plot had something missing.

I can't put my finger on what was missing but the book just left me disappointed overall. Well plotted, superb narration, rich character development and a breakneck pace of deceit, warfare and deadly danger. His best audiobook yet for me which surprised as it was my least favourite book. Great intrigue and action in the ancient world. Historical fiction action fans will enjoy this and the series.

The Eagle In The Sand (Eagles of the Empire 7) by Simon Scarrow

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