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It refers to the mismatch between a long-standing procedural instinct of the press and the current realities of the Era of Trump. This approach has the obvious virtue of seeming fair, as a judge is fair in letting the prosecution and defense each make its case. Is the latest prime-rate move by the Fed a good idea? Or a bad one? Not so long ago, a devastating attack on Saudi oil supplies would almost certainly have elicited an American military response.

The drone and missile salvo has the hallmarks of Tehran, and with top administration officials pointing to Iranian culpability, the world is watching to see if and how the United States responds. Ensuring the continued flow of energy from the Middle East was widely seen as crucial, one of the vital American interests that nearly all policy makers believed worth defending. Fracking and reduced U. Documents filed in anticipation of its public offering revealed a pattern of behavior from its founder and chief executive, Adam Neumann, that fits somewhere on the spectrum between highly eccentric and vaguely Caligulan.

A year ago, the year-old Swedish climate activist began striking from school each Friday to protest climate inaction; last Friday, she gave a speech to hundreds of thousands of people in New York, at the Global Climate Strike inspired by her protest. It is always at least a little unfortunate to see a young person become an icon—it robs them of the privacy of growing up.

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But Thunberg is an especially flummoxing figure. She looks younger than her years, yet her speeches take a shaming, authoritative tone that is, at the very least, unusual for a child.

For the hundreds of thousands of undergrads in the United States who enroll as teens, college may mark the first time they have to manage their own schedules and master a laundry routine. Many undergrads, especially those who live on campus, are caught in a sort of limbo between dependence and independence, making their own rules and schedules but relying on their parents to help them navigate financial-aid applications and health insurance.

A term that once described a vital tradition within the Christian faith now means something else entirely. Once a month or so Tommy Kidd and I get together for lunch at our favorite taco joint. And more often than not, we end up talking about our complicated relationship with American evangelical Christianity.

Because the future of that movement, which is our movement, matters to us—and, we think, matters to America. Very different things, one might think, and in some ways one would be right.

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And yet both of our traditions are closely connected, if in different ways, to evangelicalism. I am an out gay man in my late 20s. Last weekend, while scrolling through Grindr, I came across my therapist's profile. While I understand that my therapist, also an out gay man, is an adult with his own life outside of his office, I was deeply unnerved by learning so much explicit information about a person whom I try not to think of in a sexual context.

My sudden exposure to this intimate knowledge feels acutely unsettling given that a lot of our work together focuses on my anxieties and vulnerabilities regarding sex and relationships. Physical-education programs were designed to encourage health and fitness, but they may be counterproductive. At the Elementary Chess Championships, pint-size future grand masters share wisdom from the game. Search by year: October Ivanka and Don Jr. September How 1 million black families were ripped from their farms, life with Lyme disease, Aung San Suu Kyi, and the lunch ladies of New Canaan.

December The inside story of the Clinton impeachment, why exorcisms are on the rise, and will the American left go too far?

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September How courtrooms are inhospitable to female trial lawyers, the nasty scientific feud over what killed the dinosaurs, and how your brain deceives you. April The women who busted a con man, refugee detectives in Germany, and why cartoonists struggle with drawing Trump. KING Order a print edition of this limited-time special issue, on newsstands now. September How America lost touch with reality, why some women bully each other at work, and why liberalism disappoints.

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Massacre of the Mangroves. Rumble in the Jungle Tiger Tourism. Cover Story Hell on Wheels. The Motor Vehicles Act, , has sparked fear and protest, but will it make indian roads safer? And should stiff penalties for violations be accompanied by a drive to build better road and traffic management infrastructure?

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Fines are just one aspect, the new MV act aims at larger reforms Interview. Union minister for road transport and highways Gadkari explains the larger goals of the new MV Act and how he plans to improve road infrastructure and make the authorities accountable. Next issue out on Oct 07, Upfront "I'll expose Kejriwal's lies on Delhi air pollution" In an interview, Union information and broadcasting minister Prakash Javadekar spoke on India's conservation goals, the mission against plastic use and more.

The long Arm of the Law Preventive detention laws, which permit detention of persons who threaten public order or the security of the State or are likely to commit an offence, have been on the statute books from the inception of India's constitutional democracy. A vision of Hindistan Ours is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multireligious country—a celebration, a veritable feast of diversity. Crossing Borders Books Suketu Mehta's latest book, This Land Is Our Land: An Immigrant's Manifesto, attempts to shed light on an important phenomenon of our times and brings forth his research based on field visits across the world, personal experiences and by way of a historical enquiry.

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Capital Dystopia The Central Vista has been a highly protected special district in the Delhi Master Plan and detailed urban design studies need to be conducted before development guidelines are drawn up. Glasshouse Here's what we have in glasshouse this week.