Manual MEMORY LANGUAGE How to develop powerful recall in 48 minutes

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Once you know the strategy behind why Magnetic Memory Palaces serve better than the rest, each one should take minutes or less. You can use this memory retention technique to remember complex terminology, numbers, formulae — anything at all. You can also associate pieces of information with sounds, smells, touch — various sensory elements within the location. You do this by using the full range of the Magnetic Modes taught right here in this special infographic:.

Probably the biggest strength of the Memory Palace technique is that you can combine it with other mnemonic methods to improve your long-term memory. I will show you a few examples of how to do this in the following sections. To learn about the Memory Palace and what the Magnetic Memory Method brings to the game in more detail, check out this article. Acronyms are the most commonly used memory technique and are great for remembering short lists or sequences.

According to the Cambridge dictionary , acronyms are constructed with the first letter of each constituent word and they actually sound like words. We also use acronyms in the Magnetic Memory Method training, such us: D. Practice memory techniques with information that improves your life.

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Forget the definition and get creative. Try changing the word sequence or using the second or the last letter instead of the first. If there is no vowel, pick up a second letter from a word. If you like acronyms, try combining them with the Memory Palace technique. That will make it even easier to remember. However, to improve memory for studying, when you reinforce something is far more important than how often you reinforce it.

In the spaced repetition method, you practice remembering at the right time. The simplest way to apply this memory method is to use flashcards when you study. While going through your flashcards, divide them into three bundles. Simple, and yet effective!

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At least… lot more effective than spaced-repetition software. Then, use all of the Magnetic Modes to create Magnetic Imagery that helps you remember the target information. That will make the information on your cards far easier to recall.

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  • How the Major Memory System Works.

Geeks also call it the phonetic mnemonic system and digit-consonant system. Quite a mouthful! In the Major Method, you associate each number with a sound, typically, a consonant. The first step is to memorize these associations between numbers and letters. Then use these associations to form words from numbers.

To remember longer sequences of numbers, you need to combine the sounds you have made. If you want to remember the number , you could visualize a nun punching Jim Carrey for lying!

Memory Language - How to Develop Powerful Recall in 48 Minutes

Make the image as animated and ridiculous as possible, and it will stick in your mind! If you can, create a fixed image for every number from 0 to That will make it easier to combine them to remember longer sequences of numbers used in mathematics, physics, chemistry or engineering. If that sounds like a lot to you, just associate a fixed object for each number from If you want to take the Major Method further, check out this article about how to combine it with the Memory Palace Technique. How often do you get interrupted when you study? Texts, app notifications, YouTube, Netflix or just a noisy room — students face dozens of distractions and interruptions every single hour.

These factors make it close to impossible for you to reach a high level of concentration — which is terrible news if you are trying to improve memory for studying. You will have to minimize distractions from devices or people around you if you wish to remember things better. Your lifestyle — your food, sleep and activity levels have a significant impact on your memory.

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Most students try to gain more time to study by skipping out on adequate sleep. Several studies by Diekelmann and Born have shown that sleep helps in procedural memory formation, learning and creativity. In fact, sleep deprivation can even make you remember things incorrectly. Foods abundant in saturated fats and trans fats such as red meat, butter, etc. Students also tend to eat a lot of junk food especially during exam time which are worse for your brain.

Instead, to improve your memory power for learning , try to have more of fish, olive oil, whole grains, walnuts, blueberries. Exercise is well known to improve cognitive performance in several ways such as improved mood, better concentration, more alertness, etc. Exercise also causes the release of a protein called cathepsin B in the brain.

This stimulates the growth of neurons brain cells and forms additional connections in the hippocampus — an area of the brain vital to learning and long-term memory. Teachers encourage us to write things down to remember things better. Adding a couple of steps to this process can make a vast difference to your ability to learn and memorize things quickly — especially before an exam.

First, recall and mentally repeat what you have to write down rather than just copy it mechanically. You can even use movies and TV series as I discuss in how to improve memory using these tools. And mentally recalling it right then it an excellent way of transferring it from your working memory short-term memory to your long-term memory.

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Next, take a few seconds to store that piece of information in your Memory Palace. That will consolidate that memory even further. Out of all these techniques, the Memory Palace happens to be the most effective and versatile method. You can easily combine it with other techniques to build an excellent memory. Memory loss is frightening. However, the solution may be simpler than you think. Jennie Gorman's…. Thank you for pointing out that one way to remember what the person has learned is the memory palace technique and that it is done by associating what the person wants to memorize with something that they already know.

At least, now I know that I am on the right track. I feel much more confident attending that training that my boss wants me to attend. Thanks for sharing to improve memory for studying.

Great to hear that Memory techniques are tools that help people retain what they have studied. I think these techniques will help students excel in school. Moreover, they are also useful in other extra-curricular activities like quizzes, games, puzzles etc. I am preparing for an upcoming examination. Then I found your blog. Thanks for sharing this article. This will definitely help me in the preparation of my exam.

Glad you found this post, Dipak. It will indeed help you a great deal and make completing the exam a lot more fun too!

Thank you so much for sharing this. I am preparing for a major exam, and it has been a struggle to remember so much information. I am definitely going to try this. But there are few people who possess great memory from birth. I read about Kim Peek who was disabled person but had exceptional memory. Rather than focus on what other people have experienced, I encourage each person to focus on their own unique mind and situation.