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Plasma arc welding

We've also updated our Privacy Notice. Click here to see what's new. Self-organized nanostructures that provide antireflection properties grow on PMMA caused by plasma ion etching. A new procedure uses a thin initial layer prior to the etching step. Different types of antireflective structures can now be produced in a shorter time and with fewer limitations on the type of polymer that can be used.

The durability of the structured surfaces can be improved by the deposition of additional thin films. Express 5 6 Ulrike Schulz Appl. Schulz, C. Munzert, C.

Handbook of Advanced Plasma Processing Techniques

Kaiser Opt. Express 1 1 Express 8 8 Kaless, U. Schulz, P. Munzert, and N. Rousset et al. Coen, R. Lehmann, P. Groening, and L. Kanamori and K. Wilken, and J. Licciardello, M. Fragala, G.

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Green Remediation, August Is Privatization the Answer? You need to consider several fa…. Emergency Response: Expectations versus Reality presented as…. A Caltech Library Service. Abstract Plasma processing techniques are one of the cornerstones of modern semiconductor fabrication. More information and software credits. Published online 01, April, Published in print edition April,