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The group gained a significant worldwide following soon after forming as their debut EP Lyrical Sympathy , released by Kamijo's own label Sherow Artist Society, received a simultaneous European release and they performed in Europe and the United States the following year. Their first full-length album, Noble released in , was also released in North America in Versailles signed to major label Warner Music Japan in mid, however, on August 9, days after announcing he would be suspending activities for health reasons, Jasmine You died.

Their major debut album Jubilee was completed with Hizaki performing the unfinished bass tracks. They went on a world tour that took them to Latin America and Europe and ended with new bassist Masashi officially joining. Their third album Holy Grail was their highest charting, reaching number 12 on the Oricon , and was supported by their second world tour. On July 20, , Versailles announced they would be stopping all activities at the end of the year.

They released their last album, the self-titled Versailles , on September 26 and after a short tour, performed their last concert at NHK Hall on December Kamijo and Hizaki created the concept of Versailles in the autumn of and spent six months gathering members to express it. Their band concept is "the absolute youshikibi beauty of form sound and extremes of aestheticism".

They released promotional material through the internet, set up an English language page on MySpace , and had several interviews with foreign press. Versailles made their first appearance with a showcase on June 23, followed by their first performance on June In , Versailles made their first appearances in Europe and United States.

On July 9, , Versailles digitally released their first full album, Noble , exclusively on international iTunes Music Stores. It was released in America over a year later on October 21, by Maru Music, with an added bonus track. Versailles' Japanese record label announced on August 19, that they received notice of a musician in the United States already using the name "Versailles". Kamijo announced at the December 23, C. Their major debut single, " Ascendead Master ", was released on June 24, Versailles played their last nationwide tour as an independent band through March 26 to May 9, entitled The Fragment Collectors.

Further events such as the Anthology of Revolution marked their final concerts, finishing with five consecutive nights at Meguro Rock May Kan. Their final independent live took place on June 21, Versailles announced that they would not be performing any more lives until they release their next album. On August 3, it was announced that Jasmine You would temporarily suspend all musical activities due to unknown circumstances regarding his health and to recover. It had been announced that Versailles' new album was in the final stages of production and the bass tracks were being recorded. In the early hours of August 9, , it was reported on the official site that Jasmine You had died.

The translated announcement reads as follows:. Because of the extreme abruptness of this news, the members and staff are all dumbfounded and trying hard to accept this hit. As soon as his family has been notified and updated as to the details and we receive their permission, we will further report to all of the fans. Moreover, with the current announcement, in regards to activity, please allow us to postpone it.

Yo of Matenrou Opera played as their support bassist. Their major label debut album entitled, Jubilee , was released on January 20, They also announced a world tour entitled Methods of Inheritance, which started on February 28, in Yokohama. The finale of the tour was performed on September 4, , at C.

There they announced that Masashi officially joined the band as their new bassist, with Jasmine You being cited as an "eternal member". They also announced that live versions of their two indie albums, Lyrical Sympathy -Live- and Noble -Live- , would be released on September 1, The songs were recorded on December 23, , at their Chateau de Versailles tour final at C. Their next single was released in three types: two different limited editions type A and B and a regular edition. The single, entitled " Destiny -The Lovers- ", was released on October 27, In late November, Panasonic broadcast a minute digest of one of Versailles' concerts in 3D at more than 8, retail stores nationwide.

Cecilia Tsan - Cellist

Self-portrait as a Lute Player c. Soon after arriving in Florence the ambitious Artemisia landed a commission from Michelango the Younger, great nephew of the Renaissance icon. Artemisia set about educating herself in the spheres of music and literature, employing her beauty and charm to impress the wealthy merchants and nobles of Florence, with the aim of ingratiating herself with the powerful, dynastic Medici Court.

Versailles masquerade PV

She understood that the appropriate appearance would elevate her position, so she wore expensive silk gowns which she managed to purchase on credit. She gave it some good, old fashioned hustle! She was friends with Galileo Galilei — excerpts from her letters to the astronomer, physicist and philosopher still exist.

Tragedy, however, would strike again in her life. The first three of her babies with her husband Pietro did not survive infancy, and her fourth, a daughter, was named Prudentia after her deceased mother.

Like her father had done with her, Artemisia taught her to paint. She eventually left her husband in after financial problems arose, returning to Rome in She spent the last years of her life in Naples and continued painting into her sixties. The biblical story from the Book of Judith tells of how the beautiful Israelite widow Judith bravely slays the Assyrian General, Holofernes, in order to save the people of her homeland, the city of Bethulia.

In return for sparing her life and that of her family, Judith had promised Holofernes a secret route into the city in an act of apparent betrayal. Due to his desire for her he admitted her to his tent and gave her free access to the Assyrian camp. Being Jewish, Judith would have taken her own food with her and perhaps a maidservant. Thinking that his personal conquest of Judith is assured, Holofernes lets down his guard and drinks himself into a stupor. As he sleeps, Judith summons up her courage to decapitate him using his sword.

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The two women put his head in a sack and sneak out of the camp. The next morning, as the head of Holofernes is displayed on the battlements and the rest of his body is discovered, his men flee, having lost their leader and, quite literally, head of the army. The chaste Judith a female version of David and Goliath , is victorious and has been depicted many times as the triumph of virtue overcoming vice, chastity overcoming lust and humility overcoming pride. Of all the paintings and sculptures that were created by artists of the era, including Caravaggio , to me, hers are the most violent, visceral and real.

Judith Slaying Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi c. Certainly Judith is a self-portrait of Artemisia. Discovery would have meant certain death, so the two women are momentarily still, not yet able to make their escape. Judith and her Maidservant by Artemisia Gentileschi c. Housed in the Pitti Palace, Florence. Clio the Muse of History c. The Birth of St. John the Baptist by Artemisia Gentileschi. Commissioned by Philip IV of Spain. Esther before Ahasuerus c. Lot and his Daughters by Artemisia Gentileschi. Lucretia c.

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Jael and Sisera c. The Penitent Mary Magdalen c. She was an artist with an edge, certainly living on it most of the time. Her early trauma seems to have been the catalyst for her career. Portrait of Artemisia Gentileschi c. She and I would have had quite a bit in common, centuries, circumstances and talents notwithstanding.

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She deserves to be remembered. In particular, just today I found…that, having done a drawing of souls in Purgatory for the Bishop of St. Gata, he, in order to spend less, commissioned another painter to do the painting using my work. In pigment she exudes a powerful energy that is completely captivating. In real life she must have been a force of nature! Much of her work has been lost, sidelined and misattributed through the centuries, but has recently been restored, revered and rightly honoured. It is now housed in Hampton Court Palace. She painted mostly biblical scenes and heroines — strong female protagonists from history and mythology, in a way that was natural and worthy of a Caravaggista.

She truly mastered the Baroque painting technique developed by Caravaggio, known as chiaroscuro , in which light and shadow are sharply contrasted. Only a heroine could have done that….

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Alas, the stories of many great painters, writers, poets, sculptors and composers share this unfair narrative arc of neglect, both male and female. At that time in history it would have been impossible for a young girl to receive training in the arts, unless from a parent.

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She would have learnt to draw, mix paints and watch her father painting in his studio from a very early age. Her mother died in childbirth when Artemisia was just twelve years old, leaving her with her father and in the role of surrogate mother to her three younger brothers. No easy task at the same time as dealing with her own grief. I love the fact that her father who was a friend and follower of Caravaggio and Tenebrism , admired her talent regardless of her gender, with no regard for his ego, stating that he could teach her no longer when she turned He then turned to another painter to continue her tutelage.

Rome, although home to the Pope and The Vatican was far from being pure and sin free. It was noted that on such occasions the waters of the Tiber ran red…. Seventeenth Century Italy was very much a patriarchal society where women were often either classed as virtuous or sinful. She fled upstairs in an attempt to escape but he followed her, forced her into the bedroom and raped her.

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Sadly, the only other woman in her life, a family friend Tuzia, who rented an apartment at the premises did not come to her aid. Not only was this a traumatic physical and emotional experience one that she initially kept from her father , but it spelled disaster for her reputation and marriage prospects. It is thought that Tassi promised he would marry her and she had no choice but to accept. Line engraving, possibly late 18th century currently held by the National Portrait Gallery in London.