Manual AngularJS: Bootcamp - Learn The Basics of Ruby Programming in 2 Weeks!

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Best Coding Bootcamps of

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Infographic: the outcomes of a coding bootcamp in China

More from the IDG Network. How to make the most of a tech bootcamp. Ironhack Ironhack is a global tech education school with locations throughout Europe and South America, as well as a U. AppAcademy AppAcademy is a full-time, full-stack developer training program that spans 12 weeks. General Assembly General Assembly offers a number of full-time, immersive programs in a range of in-demand skillsets, including coding, web design, UI design, product management, digital marketing, front-end development and full-stack web development.

Bloc Bloc offers , and week immersive courses in full-stack development, front-end web development, iOS and Android development, and UX design.

Forging Partnerships: The Cayman Code Academy

Flatiron School The Flatiron School offers part-time and full-time courses in web and mobile development, including a program to provide tech education and training to underrepresented groups without a college degree. Hack Reactor Hack Reactor , acquired by Galvanize in July , is a week immersive coding and web development bootcamp with various geographic locations as well as the ability to take classes online. Tech Talent South Tech Talent South offers regional part-time and full-time immersion programs across the southern and southwestern United States.

Epicodus Epicodus not only offers bootcamp courses geared towards preparing students for programming careers, but also helps graduates put together a portfolio, practice interviewing and places select students in internships with partner companies like Livingsocial and Cloudability. If you want an intensive practical experience, Bootcamps is for you. We also discussed the benefits of coding bootcamps and their difference with College degree.

Have you attended one of those bootcamps? If yes tell us about your experience by commenting below. Education Ecosystem is a decentralized learning ecosystem that teaches professionals and college students how to build real products. Your Email. Intensive and Immersive Coding bootcamps are not for the faint-hearted. Affordable : The first thing that you will notice is how the coding bootcamps are affordable in nature when you compare it to other forms of learning.

When compared to college, coding bootcamps can be extremely affordable. You can get access to cutting-edge learning with only a small amount of investment compared to college degrees. Time: Time, when used correctly, is money. When it comes to invested time versus experienced gained, coding bootcamps easily beat traditional learning methods by a huge margin. It takes four years to graduate with a computer science degree whereas a coding bootcamp only take around weeks. Anyone with the right skill can join their company and start growing.

These jobs require you to think like a programmer than anything else. No paper or degree can help you do so. Collaboration : Learning from a coding bootcamp is similar to thriving in a collaborative environment. Not only you get hands-on experience and guidance from excellent teachers, but you can learn from your peers who are on the same-level playing ground as you are.

IronHack IronHack takes on the coding bootcamps from a different perspective as they offer various courses for different target audience. Code Intro to JavaScript — It is a one-week workshop that refines the further understanding of computer science and introduces many core computer science concepts such as functions, array, loops using JavaScript.

Code Foundations of Software Development — This is where most of the action take place and the course last 4 to 8 weeks.

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Code Intermediate Software Development — With enough knowledge, you can now take on frameworks and different libraries and create more sophisticated applications. Code Advanced Software Development — In this course, you will be able to choose the language of approach and gain mastery in it. Pre-work: Pre-work includes working from home that lasts from one to five weeks. Students are asked to work on fundamentals using Ruby programming language. Bootcamp: On-campus teaching starts with bootcamps. With an interaction cycle of exercises and instructions, the student can learn more of it.

In short, things are not rushed, and learning is the main priority.

Training Syllabus

The bootcamp also offers capstone project which can be used to showcase skill to potential employers. Apprenticeship: Apprenticeship stage focuses on providing a real-world experience where you get access to real world projects and requirements to handle. You will be placed in The Difference Engine, a web agency that aims to improve your skills and get ready for the real job offer. Codeup Codeup offers a 4-month highly accelerated, intensive program for transforming non-techies to entry-level developers.

Ruby and SQL learning — Week 1 to 5.

Coding Bootcamps in Seattle

JavaScript, Flux, and React learning — Week 6 to 9. Algorithms and career support — Week 10 to Introduction phase where you learn basics. Learning Rails or. NET or Design. Step 1: Full stack foundations that last four weeks and covers core concepts and JavaScript learning. Step 2: Learn how to build complex projects. You can also take CTO program that enables you to become a better programmer and manager. Step 3: In this step, you will enter the project phase where you will be matched with potential employers. The process will continue until you get a job.

V School If your goal is to change careers and become a web developer, V School says that their Full Stack Javascript course is the way to go. Hackbright Academy Hackbright Academy offers two courses for students who are willing to jump in the IT industry.

Perl Tutorial

Web Developer Track — The track offers special week part-time online bootcamp for learners. In this track, you will learn different frameworks and languages of your choice. Software Developer Track — This full-time track which enables the student to work on becoming a competent software developer. It is great for those want to jump into the IT industry. The course takes 36 weeks to complete. Designer Track — Designer track is also a full-time course aimed at students who are interested in designing.

Locations: Online Technologies Focused: Myriad. Coding Bootcamps Vs. Bootcamps Pros: Bootcamps cost significantly less compared to a college degree. You can get job ready by the end of the course period. Bootcamps spans over mostly months. Bootcamps are great for changing career paths.

Bootcamps result in the better return on investment compared to CS college. Instructor to students ratio is better. More career oriented. Highly interactive. Most of the bootcamps focus on web development and not other aspects of computer science. If you want to learn assembly language? You are out of luck. It is very intensive and time sensitive.

Can be seen as a pro as well. These make it really easy to understand the basics. They also have some videos that require payment, but they are usually the ones covering more advanced angular topics you will not need until later on. I took their AngularJS Fundamentals course and I was fully satisfied with the results and also became a big fan of Egghead.

Design patterns are basically reusable code solutions that can be repeatedly used to solve common software problems. Having a foundation on this will make you far more competitive software developer in any programming language. Chrome is one of the most powerful tools for a web developer. The sooner you master it, the more time you can save later on. Ah, Git — the tool I never knew I needed until I discovered what it could do. Git basically it lets you keep a track of the changes you make to your code so that if things go wrong, you can roll back to a previous point in time.

I found NodeSchool. I loved the hands-on approach it offered, which was similar to Codeschool and Codecademy — with the added improvement that I was really running NodeJS. Basically, these task runners allow you to automate common tasks. Normally you would have to manually run the CSS compiler every time you make an edit for it to compile the CSS, and then update the browser. This is immensely useful at reducing your development time. There are 2 main task runners right now: Grunt and Gulp.

While they do the exact same thing, they work in very different ways, with Grunt being a lot more verbose and configuration oriented, and Gulp being shorter to write and preferring code over configuration. You can pick whichever you want, but I found Gulp to be far easier to learn and write. I still today prefer it because of its minimalist — yet powerful — pipe-based approach. I found Scotch.

Once I covered the fundamentals of web development, I was ready for my first web development interview for an entry level position.