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This was terrifying. It was isolated, cold, bleak, blackand empty all in one breath. It was here that things dwelled which were not and wouldnot be. These things were very much like the Chthonic Old Ones. They existed in anotheruniverse that touched our manifold at every point. Magick is the ultimate language.

There were things in the VOID which were not magick.

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This was very, let me repeat, very,scary, dark, hopeless, and dead beyond any words I could use. The Holy Guardian Angel Operation is a revelation of ones wholeness. Thisbeing, which is many beings comprised together, "in the future. It seemed that no thing in its "right" mind would wantto dwell in the void, as it cracked and dissolved any petty ego associated with it.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Thismessage is for all of humanity, not just me. This god point is approaching, whatever thefuck that means. Maybe a birth to a new universe manifold "floating", in the VOID. Many universes each with their own being --Pandaemonaeon? We are gods and manypeople are one of many one and so forth till ecstasy.

There is so much more to existencethan we might think. This is the Greatwork, to be a universe, to beabsolute. It is so much beyond the "human" level now, that words really do not do it atall.

The only thing I can say, and have been saying is, "Oh my god Oh my god. It seems also related to the zodiac in some way maybe, Icant be sure. Let me write a little bit of the background which elicited these un-coverings. This night Iinvoked many deities: SET: as the dark sun, to show me the majesty and power of self. The Triple Goddess of the Moon and Dyonysis and others See Appendix VII for commentaries on god-forms All along months I have been offering prayers to my "guardian angel" to meet myself of god.

The sigils were received after each ritual of the ROG. Each rite wasperformed as instructed by A. The first two rituals were formalized, but the third was done astral invocations onmy birthday night with dance astrally. Ketamine was used throughout. I offered prayersand Desire for communication and researched the Sigils and found some interesting links. The sigil [2] was revealed tonight and is a fusion of Heaven and Earth. I have never heard of A. I heard A somewhere before, a demon maybe,Babylonian?

In final note.

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Magick is the ultimate communication and it is right to say that thingsare playing. All of this is play, a big game.

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The VOID was not. Nice place to visit butCthulhu wants to live there This is supposition on my part.

I do not know if "Cthulhu"was there, but there were these things, unwholesome things. This is very much "real" andI exaggerate not. With this inmind I hope we can all learn to play a little more effectively, I love you all. It seems now as I write this that my mind is trying to make me forget my censor I think. This was communicated through words and something more?

It is distinctive and yet parallel to format and precision. I emphasizethe effect, but the dream sequence is not so easily described. Now this istreading dangerous territory here, because obsession is sureto follow. Thou art not so. A thorough self-examination and analysis is a must, and identification withall our demonic aspects a key. After initial knowledge andconversation with the angel has taken place, it becomesnecessary to make a descent into darkness.

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  7. The followingreflects my own rite of suffering. The traditional Abramelinoperation demonic bindings is represented by binding Vbelow. The dictates of the Angel Shall guide thee in yourown form of Mastery of Self note that this is a neverending procedure, but at this juncture the reigns must bepulled tight. I present this which can be adopted bothwithin and without pursuit of this subject by theimaginative magician. Angelic contact was established withfull knowledge and conversation within 3 months time, thedemonic bindings phase kicked in under guidance of theangel for the remaining time.

    The total time for myoperation was about 1. I expect thisto vary for each individual. They also are initiations. All ofthis happening on an astral level, manifesting physicallywith synchronicities and a life convergence for eachbinding. I shall not go into too much of the specifics ofeach for myself, but attempt to portray a general form whichhopefully will be applicable. Each binding was summarized ina sigil form which represented successful completion of thesubject. There were four lessor bindings and three greaterbindings.

    This includes direction, bills, career, desireetc This is actually very difficult, but the decisions and fluxcaused by the world of discs money is as trying to onesmetal as you can get. When the time is right, this sectionis finished, of this the angel will instruct you. I adopted a total overhaulof my physical system. Ofthis binding I am the Living Sigil. III The Binding of the Heart - This was both recognition ofthe absolute falsity and truth of human love in respect toone another, self and divinity.

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    This included the summary ofLove under Will, relationships and other issues. This being a categorization ofany, and every, personal demon that the magician has spawnedover his life, a monumental if not impossible task. Icategorized legions ha and sigilized and bound each onewith name. This process is as a declaration to the sub-mindfor regaining control over demonic factors. The binding ceremony was the close of this phase aftermonths of intensive labor and self analysis.

    This was verytedious as discovery of one little monster leads to anentire nest of related infections. To the end of this I usedmathematical laws for binding chains of these programsnumerically.