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The United States Department of Transportation, has noted that about one-third of DUI accident victims are not the intoxicated drivers, but rather their passengers, pedestrians or people in other vehicles. Many of these are children.

The problem is not simply with alcohol. Georgia laws and juries do not look kindly on drivers shown to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Drug use linked to airplane accidents - Reuters

That means victims should be offered a larger settlement, and if they must go to court to enforce their rights, victims are entitled to ask for punitive damages. Punitive damages are special payments, not available in every case, intended to punish severe wrongdoing.

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Of course, victims are also entitled to claim all of the same damages that other Georgia accident victims may claim, including their medical bills, repair costs and other costs of the accident as well as compensation for pain, suffering and any permanent disability or scarring. If you are the victim in an accident involving alcohol or drug impairment, the metro Atlanta drunk driving accident attorneys and legal professionals at Scholle Law and Charles Scholle are ready to help you recover.


For over two decades, we have represented individuals and families seeking justice and financial compensation for very serious injuries in Duluth and all across Atlanta. We understand that clients often suffer intense emotional and physical pain and often, financial strain after suffering from a DUI or Drug related accident.

Wayne K. Jeffery*, MSc., Janna M. Leslie**, BSc. and G. William Mercer***, Ph.D.

Scholle Law is a team of Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyers who help clients get through the litigation process with as little stress as possible. Unlike other law firms that take so many cases they cannot provide clients with personal attention, our lawyers take the time needed to explain the process and keep clients up to date on their cases.

He emphasized that illicit drug use is still rare among airline employees, and said the industry — which is considered the pinnacle of safety — can pat itself on the back. Drug testing is common across a variety of workplaces in the U.

The Great Debate: Alcohol vs Marijuana

The researchers compared those results to more than a million random drug tests. The tests search for evidence of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

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Following accidents, 91 employees — averaging 18 out of every 1, — tested positive for drug use. Drug use among them was even scarcer, with only five out of every 10, random tests of crew members returned a positive result. After accidents, just two out of tests — or less than five out of every 1, — of flight crew members tested positive for illicit drug use.

Their study looked at 10 years of tests, from to The job-specific results reflect only the years to Drug use is known to impair work performance, but Li cautioned not to draw too many conclusions from his study. He would not elaborate.